“Decline is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

Welcome to Health after Oil (HAO), a place for news, opinion, research, discussion, networking, planning and action in response to the unprecedented and sweeping challenges peak oil, energy decline, and population pressures poses to human health and the institutions whose purpose it is to protect and promote human health. We invite submissions -original content and links- about energy and health and related fiscal/economic and environmental and ecological issues. We note in particular that: 1) Climate change and peak oil are indivisible threats, both stemming from reliance on fossil fuels; and 2) The fiscal and economic crisis now enveloping world economies are intertwined with population growth, energy decline and resource depletion. Infinite growth cannot continue on a finite planet.

We invite healthcare and public health insiders as well as unaffiliated activists to submit their insights, arguments and feelings relevant to energy and health and related issues

Editorial Policy

While we attempt to be accurate and current, we also are committed to giving voice to a wide range of viewpoints; therefore, individual blog postings are the responsibility of the author(s) alone, and not necessarily those of the editors of Health after Oil. For the time being all postings and comments will be moderated until we have a feel for the level of discourse that evolves from this labor of love. As a stepchild of academic minds HAO encourages contributions from all vantage points, but request that bloggers use their real names. Commentators may chose to remain anonymous if they so chose.

We welcome constructive criticism, commentary and suggestions. However, some discretion on content posting resides with the editors, and we reserve the right to abbreviate as space and relevance dictate.

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Health after Oil is maintained by Dan Bednarz, PhD, Energy and Healthcare Consultants, and Harold (Hank Weiss), PhD.

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