Peak oil: will it be public health’s greatest challenge? – Hanlon P, McCartney G. Public Health. 2008 Jul;122(7):647-52

How peak oil will affect health care  – Stuart Jeffery, Energy Bulletin (strong but controversial medicine)

Peak Petroleum and Public Health  – Howard Frumkin, MD, DrPH; Jeremy Hess, MD, MPH; Stephen Vindigni, MPH, JAMA. 2007;298:1688-1690.

Public Health and Peak Oil – Dan Bednarz, Energy and Health Consultants


Overshoot – William Catton’s classic book, for a deep but accessible understanding of the systems dilemma from the viewpoint of human ecology (reviews).

The Long Descent – John Michael Greer’s new book about the long road of ups and downs ahead (review)

Pamphlets and Media Guides

Peak Oil Media Guide – Chris Nelder of ASPO

Our Finite World – Gail Tverberg

Peak Oil Public Handout – by Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (nice 2 page overview)


Hirsch Report – DOE Publication on Peak Oil, Impacts, Mitigation and Management

GAO Report to Congress on Crude Oil

ASPO Australia Report on Peak Oil and Medicine (Barson and Roth, ASPO-Australia Health Sector Working Group)

Submiission to Legislative Council on the Impact Of Peak Oil on South Australia (Barson, ASPO-Australia Health Sector Working Group)

Oil: A Lifescycle Analysis of its Health and Environmental Impacts – Edited by: Paul R. Epstein and Jesse Selber, Published by: The Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard Medical School

Peak Oil and Health Web Sites

Fossil Fuels and Modern Medicine – Caryl Johnston

Peak Oil Blues – Coping with Peak Oil with the help of professionally trained psychotherapists who know the stress the dawning awareness of Peak Oil brings

Post Carbon Institute – Local mitigation views and news

General Peak Oil Websites

Wikipedia – Peak Oil entry

Energy Bulletin – Very good primer and current news source

The Oil Drum – Where the pros hangout to talk

ASPO – Association of Peak Oil

Richard Heinberg’s Blog – Richard Heinberg’s website (author of  four seminal books on Peak Oil and related topics, excellent thinker)

Approaching Limits to Growth – Paul Chefurka (excellent discussion of population issues)

What’s Ahead – Gail Tverberg, actuary (very accessible and concise summaries of what it all means by a low key but talented observer)

Mega Trends – Nicholas Outram

Future Scenarios – David Holmgren, futurist and the co-originator of the permaculture concept with Bill Mollison

Have We Reached Peak Oil? – Dr. Marcel Schoppers, NASA Scientist, participates in an online debate with Diana Furchtgott-Roth (Opposing Views)

Oil Watch


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